09 June 2010

Are we using incorrect terms?

David Mendosa wrote a post on June 1, 2010 on Health Central dot com about the terminology used by people, people with diabetes and the medical community. He points out something many of us know, or should know, even use from time to time, and should not.

While I admit to having used many of the words (incorrect terminology), I am willing to say that I am working to correct these errors. Follow his reference to his article of November 11, 2004, and last modified January 19, 2010.

I urge everyone to read both and learn. I do have one point to add to the discussion.  I know that the American Diabetes Association does not recognize pre-diabetes as an official diabetes class. I know that the medical community and others use this to mean that all the indicators are present for a person to develop diabetes. I have said this before so some will recognize this when I say that this sounds a lot like the woman that says she is a little pregnant. So if it is diabetes, lets call it what it is and let the people learn what to do before there is much damage or development of complications. Many that are told they have pre-diabetes just ignore the doctor, and then are in shock when in a few years they are diagnosed with diabetes.

Many people in the early stages should be closely monitored and should be taught preventative techniques to delay the development of diabetes that requires medication. In other words, prolong the non-diabetes stage and prevent or slow the progression to diabetes. And we all know that means lifestyle change.

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