14 June 2010

Fear of syringes and needles

Most everyone dislikes needles, but some have a real fear of needles. For those of us with diabetes, this is not a good a good combination, especially if the person has type 1 diabetes and some of us with type 2. For many people with type 2 diabetes, doctors will not prescribe insulin and will use the threat as a way to get patients to follow orders. Then when they need insulin the patient blames him/her self and feels that he/she is a failure.

Although this reference is humorous, it is not and has good information. I have personally seen examples of this while in the military, out of a group of over 100 men, six went down, succumbing to Trypanophobia . The way medical professional should handle type 2 patients is presented here. This article also covers other fears about insulin that many people with type 2 diabetes have and explains these.

For those people that need some encouragement about using syringes, view the following video from BD on using insulin syringes.

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