15 June 2010

Diabetes causes decline in mental abilities

Memory, speed of cognitive processes, and cognitive flexibility are the focus of a five year Dutch study. Results were submitted November 3, 2009, accepted May 26, 2010, and published June 2, 2010 in American Diabetes Association's “Diabetes Care”. It then took Reuters to bring this to the attention of the public on June 11, 2010.

At the 5-year follow-up, the decline in global mental functions in diabetes patients was approximately 3 times greater than in persons without diabetes. It is important to know that as we reach our middle years, that our brain may be slowing us down.

Diabetes can lead to a decline in memory, thinking speed, and mental flexibility in middle age; however, aggressive control of blood glucose might prevent some of the decline. This was not a factor in the study.

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