26 August 2013

Licensing Boards Curbing Free Speech

This is becoming almost a daily occurrence and people are tiring of these zealots. This licensing to create monopolies in different trades, practices, and information is thankfully getting more attention from the media. This it turn is drawing the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The courts are generally ruling in favor of the individuals and this is going to put a damper on state licensing boards and hopefully put an end to their activities. The FTC has investigated the North Carolina dental board over its attempts to monopolize the teeth whitening business. It found that the dental board has illegally thwarted competition through cease-and-desist letters.

The FTC is also stepping in to recommend anticompetitive behavior by physicians of nurse practitioners (NPs). The AMA and other medical organizations are opposing this as they want to continue to monopolize patient care. Two more states have opened the door for NPs to practice independent of physicians.

Even Steve Cooksey is back on track as the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals held that Cooksey has legal standing in his case that the District Court had thrown out. This allows the lawsuit to go forward against the North Carolina Licensing Board of Dietetics/Nutrition. This is a setback for the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition.

This article highlights others also going to court and some winners against state licensing boards that are attempting to become monopolies within each state. This is stifling competition and harming the general public because they will not have a choice in selecting who serves them. Yet this licensing conundrum is rearing its ugly head over and over.

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