15 July 2013

A Wearable Defibrillator and RPM

Ever come across a blog that makes you want more? This blog by Westby G. Fisher, MD had me hooked from the start and I of course followed through to the answer. Very, very interesting Dr. Wes. Being a patient still has me concerned about what other devices are out there that we don't know about.

For some of this you will need to go to this website to get the full benefit and for a proper understanding. I am surprised that this was FDA approved in 2001. From what I am seeing and reading this device is possibly one that more heart patients should be wearing, and are not because their doctors don't know about it or have rejected it because it would require monitoring which many doctors will not do because of the cost and equipment needed. Yes, it is capable of remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Here are some of the images that may be of interest and convince you to read more.