19 July 2011

Low Carb Diabetes Community Not Happy With Hope Warshaw

Hope Warshaw says in her June 12, 2011 blog “As a DHCP I’ve long realized I can’t walk a mile in a PWD shoes. I can’t know what it is like day in, day out to deal with this challenging and relentless disease.” DHCP stands for diabetes educator/healthcare provider. She wisely left out educator in the acronym because she has raised the ire of many bloggers and Type 2 people with diabetes in her latest pronouncement on Diabetes Health on June 28, 2011.

So it is obvious that Mz Warshaw is not a person with diabetes. But her article did stir up feelings about low carb when she advocated high carb. What it may have done is get something out in the open to be debated by people in the know about the benefits of low carb and let the general populace know what is needed to put a stop to the obesity epidemic in our country.

In the first part of her two part article, Hope Warshaw also missed the mark by not emphasizing that prediabetes can be managed with diet and exercise if detected early enough and people are educated about this and taught to work on weight reduction and not eating high carb as she directs in part two. She seems to advocate a one size fits all approach which for Type 2 diabetes just does not work.

I will not carry this farther, but will let you read some of the articles this has spawned and the anger in some of the comments. The best and most objective blog is by Laura Dolson of about dot com. The two Hope Warshaw articles are here and here. Another excellent blog about what may be happening is here.

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