30 June 2011

An Example of Poor Research

This article started it all as people were asking Jenny Ruhl about it. Her response is here.

Then to make matters worse, many people were posting about this on many diabetes forums and some were actually thinking this might be an answer. It now appears some clearer heads have prevailed on several diabetes forums.

This also fits Gretchen Becker's blog about press spin as this is a ploy to find funding for what I agree is a very dangerous attempt to give people hope.

Here are two more articles - one from BBC Health. Another one is by WebMD from the presentation at ADA so we know this is not peer reviewed and is just a hope of a very few people. Even CBS News dot com had to use the information.

I agree with Jenny that this is not good science and badly flawed. On Monday, I expect to see more articles on this.  Only one more article and not all that jazzed up about this.

As of this time, people may have become smarter and realized how poor this is and not published anything after WebMD gave it a big splash. Refer to my blog here as to some of the reasons behind our determining this is such poor research in addition to what Jenny writes.

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