08 March 2011

Websites About the New Healthcare Law

If you do not follow Dr. Bill Quick and his blog at Health Central dot com, and if you are interested, I urge you to read it. He is the first blogger about diabetes that I am aware of, that has pulled together the websites for information on the healthcare law that we will need to be informed about. Whether you bookmark his blog here, or the individual sites, they will provide you with valuable information about questions you may have in the future.

At first cursory look, and reading Dr. Quick's blog, the content is presented without an agenda and is factually presented. I very much like Dr. Quick's final statement in this blog (quote) I'd like to offer my personal thanks to the organizations involved for the effort that went into setting up HealthCareandYou.org. I hope that it continues to be updated, and that word spreads that the website exists, and that people read it as well as the biased comments of politicians and newspaper editorialists. (unquote).

I am sure in the month and years ahead, we will be bombarded with many half-truths, lies, and misinformation that we will be happy to have these to refer to for clarification. We already know that the media (all forms) and politicians will pick parts of this (the good and bad) to emphasize what is on their agenda and supports them.

I know that I will be using many of the links in the months ahead so that you can affirm what I am writing about (am maybe avoid my sometime agendas) which can creep in even if I had not intended. All bloggers have agendas, whether they will admit it or not. I do want mine to be education, but I know that I let other issues come to the fore on occasion for my own reasons.

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