21 March 2011

NIH announces new plan to combat diabetes

As much as people have had news thrown at them about this bit of promising research and that supposed break through, this is news of a different nature and is not good news for finding a cure.

As much as many of us believe that private industry (Big Pharma) will never have a cure, I can agree that they will bury anything that big for as long as they can get away with it. I suspect the reason many pharmaceutical companies are teaming up with universities and medical schools is to keep tabs and quietly buy up promising ideas and keep them out of existence. You can bet they want to keep the profits from their medications by doing this.

I can hopefully say that maybe government agencies will not fall victim to bribery, but in this case they may be the culprit. The ten-year plan announced by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is not a great thing. It sounds like all they are interested in is identifying research opportunities with the greatest potential to benefit people living with or at risk for diabetes and its complications. In other words, they will be directing the investigative community to improve diabetes treatments and identify ways to keep more people healthy. This says that they have little interest in a cure.

The NIH lays out goals to accelerate discovery in the relationship between obesity and type 2, and how both conditions are affected by genetics and the environment; the autoimmune mechanisms at work in type 1 diabetes; the biology of beta cells, which release insulin in the pancreas; development of artificial pancreas technologies to improve management of blood sugar levels; prevention of complications of diabetes that affect the heart, eyes, kidneys, nervous system and other organs; reduction of the impact of diabetes on groups disproportionately affected by the disease, including the elderly and racial and ethnic minorities

Under the plan, NIH will continue to push clinical research in humans, which has in the past led to effective methods for managing diabetes and preventing complications. So under this plan we can expect to see some improvements in treatments, but do not expect a sniff of a cure.

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