08 December 2010

When Do You Take Your Blood Pressure Pills?

This sounds reasonable and right. I have been taking mine at night since shortly after I started, and have had excellent results from day one. Yes, originally I was to have taken mine in the AM, but because I was forgetting them, I changed to night without asking the doctor. That was just over seven years ago.

New research shows that we should be taking blood pressure pills at night. The research has found that those taking their blood pressure medications before going to bed have at least one-third less cardiovascular episodes of those taking medications in the morning. This is significant by anyone's measure.

There is no information to relate this to those of us with diabetes, but even then I would have to estimate that the results would be statistically the same if not slightly better.

The five year study is very interesting and should be read by everyone. This is the link to the report of the study.

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