04 November 2010

Is There a Diabetes Diet?

If this wasn't true, I would have to laugh at the idiocracy of this. This, to me at least, smacks of what is being fed us in hopes that if we are given this enough times, we will believe it and learn to accept it. I don't think so, but if you want to believe the author of this article on WEBMD, then they are trying to instill that there is a diabetes diet by the obtuse method in which they write about it.

The author even states that there is “no diabetes diet, per se” and then has the audacity to say this is good news. If this is good, then why does the author title his/her articlethe basics of a healthy diabetes diet”? The more you read in this article, the more the author seemingly tries to lead you down the path that only he/she is capable of defining “THE Diabetes Diet”.

To begin, if there is “no diabetes diet”, why does the author belabor us with the term at every turn as if the author has patented a diet called “Diabetes Diet”. Also, and this now has my ire in full action, why do they have to constantly recycle the same article over and over and over. In my blog of October 23, 2010, fourth paragraph down, I had linked to this article and if I can locate the one previous to that I will post the link also. The article was last reviewed on February 25, 2010 and this is at least the third time the article has been recycled after the original time. Thank goodness for dated emails that show when they used to article.

This also shows how the same article can get your attention each time you read it. At least I had told you to read it with a jaundiced eye then. And while some of the advice is good, I will say diabetes is such an individualized disease and what works for one person, may not work for the next person.

This is why I am starting to not respect WebMD because they re-title the leads and reuse the same article. It is difficult to understand because in an article from 10/23/10 now shows the date of November 3, 2010 and they expect me to believe that. This is very disconcerting when linking to articles when they have a floating date. Now back to the article or should I say the “diabetes diet”.

At least the author does think exercise deserves mention in the second paragraph, but the paragraph is still about healthy food choices. Before I go completely off the deep end, I am going ask that you read the article and draw your own conclusions whether you agree or don't agree.

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