17 September 2010

Writing for other sites

There is something that does not seem quite right about writing for others. There are advantages and for some people this is important. Copyright protection covered by the place you are writing for – hopefully – and this is important. Protection from spammers and scammers which can assist the timid, but still good writers.

One advantage many people overlook in writing for others is that if one of the writers becomes successful, then by association your success will be increased if you are a decent writer.

The disadvantages are many. You generally must write within the guidelines that the editorial board of the website wants and therefore you do not control the total content of your writing. You must stay within editorial guidelines for topics, and presentation. You have little or no control over the final product that you have labored over and put your time into writing.

It is for these reasons I generally prefer to stay within my own website and keep control over my own content and my own guidelines. If I do not approve of the way the editorial people of a website edit my writing, then I would be very unhappy as I do want to be controversial at times and to be able to cover topics not permitted by an editorial policy.

Someday I may wish to write for others, but for now, I enjoy the freedom to pick my topics and cover them in my style – be they good or not.

Some of the better websites are:

http://www.healthcentral.com/   Many good writers on many topics.

http://www.healthcentral.com/diabetes/?ic=1102   For good writers about diabetes.

http://www.diabetesselfmanagement.com/Blog/   Good writers about diabetes and diabetes related topics.

There are other sites that have only one or two writers for type 2 diabetes and diabetes related topics:



I may have missed some of you favorite websites, so keep following them.

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