29 September 2010

Sleep is so important!

We are all aware of the link between diabetes and sleep. The same applies to heart disease and sleep, and diabetes and heart disease. It is true that many people are not as aware of the diabetes-heart and sleep connections as they should be.

Not only does the lack of sleep increase the risk of diabetes, but heart disease, as evidenced by this study. This study shows that for those getting less than six hours of sleep per night are three times more likely to develop a condition that leads to heart disease and diabetes.

For those who already have diabetes, lack of sleep makes blood glucose levels harder to manage. Many people complain about being tired, but never talk to their doctor about how tired or if they can't sleep. Others do not let their spouse complain about their sleep habits. Sleep disorders are often overlooked as being a cause for lack of sleep and being tired.

Whether you have narcolepsy, insomnia, or simply aren't getting the sleep you need, sleep problems are serious. If your spouse complains about your snoring, you may have sleep apnea. Please consult with your doctor to get proper treatment for any of these. Because the amount of sleep can vary with the individual, you may not need the recommended seven and one half hours. Individuals can vary from needing as little as four hours to as much as eleven hours of sleep.

Sometimes the treatment can be as simple as getting exercise. This can aid the endorphins and allow you to sleep a more restful sleep. Another cause of lack of sleep can be the extra weight you carry around every day. Shedding this baggage will also help improve sleep.

So this is a reminder for you, if you have diabetes and your blood glucose levels are hard to manage, be honest with yourself and if you are constantly tired, make sure that you are receiving enough sleep. Also do not be afraid to discuss this with your doctor to discover if you have a sleep disorder or sleep apnea.

For sleep apnea check out my post here. There will be additional posts coming about sleep apnea in the near future so watch this blog. I will have another short one in this space tomorrow that I did not want to combine with this.

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