22 September 2010

AADE to stress weight loss

Surprise, the American Association of Diabetes Educators issued a position statement that runs somewhat contrary to established practices. This is going to present a conundrum for the CDE's that until now openly advised people to eat over 200 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Some have properly taken up the challenge, reducing the recommended amount of carbohydrates, but some are going to insist on the old American Diabetes Association (ADA) position. I do applaud the AADE for at least taking this position.

This is going to be most interesting to find out how they are going to accomplish following the new position. Many people with obesity problems have not been diagnosed with diabetes so my question is how they are going to be able to intervene and work with these people to meet the position statement, especially since the doctors must refer these people and many insurance programs will not cover preventative medicine.

This is going to be a challenge for them to be reimbursed for their work. Now I can see something that could possibly help – if the new blood markers for diabetes do create a new tool for diagnosis or determining risk, then the AADE may have some valid tools for billing for their time.

This may also be another opening for more lay volunteers to step into the gap and assist doctors and other diabetes professionals to educate people. But first the American Medical Association and other medical associations and organizations are needing to step forward and be willing to work with lay volunteers and get the states to approve these programs.

There are a lot of “if's” to be answered and retraining before the AADE is going to have success with their new position statement.

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