04 August 2010

Who is going to pay for these services?

In a guest post on August 3 on Diabetes Mine dot com, Neal Kaufman, MD brings some interesting and potentially valuable tools to light. On the surface, I think they are good in potentially many ways and may be what our society needs to replace some of the misinformation with fact.

Neal Kaufman, MD does make one statement that leaves me in much doubt about how soon we will see much advancement from his tools. His statement is - “These innovative, clinician-linked programs are a coordinated approach to promoting healthy lifestyle that will likely be reimbursed with the new healthcare reform legislation that has recently been approved in the U.S.”

I do not believe his statement. From the details coming out from the analysis of the passed, but unread by those in Congress, it appears that costs are being cut from many areas especially Medicare and Medicaid, and with this only those who can afford these tools will be able to take advantage of them. Just remember that the medical professionals and personnel have to be compensated for their time, and that won't be cheap.

So one question remains. Will these tools be for the whole of the diabetes community or just a few members?

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