27 June 2010

Changes in heart healthy recommendations

Are you a person puzzled by the constant changes in what foods are good for you? If so, you will enjoy reading the blog by David Spero from June 23, 2010. I like his explanation and humor and stating “I reported on this and probably helped stress a lot of readers out, and it turns out that it wasn’t true”, which explains some of his frustrations. He also refers to the article in Reuters recently from a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 9, 2010.

I had to smile because I have not followed the instructions of the researcher he reports on and have continued to eat eggs and drink milk. I use milk of course, just not the quantity I used to drink, but I still use milk for cooking and for other recipes and I have decreased the quantity of eggs I eat, but that will probably get back to normal as I have always believed in the nutritional value of whole eggs. Instead of the three to four eggs a week, I will probably get back to my customary eight to nine whole eggs per week.

David also tackles brown rice and whole grains. While I disagree with using these for people with diabetes, his blog does not outright urge people to include them, and this speaks volumes.

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